International Council of Museums Nepal
(ICOM Nepal)

ICOM Nepal

Brief Introduction

1. Under the special project of International Council of Museum-ICOM (the only one international umbrella organization of museums of globe) Paris, France, the ICOM Nepal and the International Committee for Regional Museums-ICR (one of the international committee of ICOM) had organized an international workshop in Kathmandu and Gorkha, Nepal from 20-22 November, 2019. The theme or title of this workshop (special project) was "Towards the Development and Integration of Museum Policy for (Regional) Museums: Study Case – (Regional) Museums in Nepal"

2. The overall aim of this Special Project was to work closely with the Nepali and other museum colleagues in order to come up with a plan on how the International Committee for Regional Museums can play an active role to empower the Nepali museums in preserving the cultural, social or natural heritages of Nepal. Professional help and guidance in the establisment of legislation on museums for the intrest of private, public, govermental or non govermental sector were the core matter. The pricipal expected outcome of this project was to produce Guidelines/Manuals on how to work collaboratively and how to involve different museum professionals from various public or private sector.

3. At the same time in Nepal we have Ancient Monument Preservation Act, 2013 (A.D. 1956) and National Cultural Policy 2067 (AD 2010) in action. These act and policy are not sufficient for the management of existing various types of museums in country. Most of the governmental museums are regulated by the Department of Archaeology, Government of Nepal. However, many existing non-governmental and private museums are registered under Association Registration Act – 1977 and Company Registration Act – 2063. But the exact regulatory body for these museums has not been identified yet. So, in present context a concreate and effective museum policy, law and regulatory body is very essential for the smooth management of all types of museums operating in Nepal.

For detail report please click here Report of ICOM Nepal-ICR Special Project